Lessons from the Whole30

I have somehow made it to Day 29! I actually can’t believe that tomorrow will be the last day of my January (plus two days of February) Whole30. My first monthly goal of 2018 is coming to a close. At the start of this 30 day reset, I was intimidated. The rules seemed foreign, reading nutrition labels under a microscope was a new habit to form, and I worried the meals would get boring. Four weeks later, I am more comfortable than ever reading labels and want to continue this habit long past the end of my Whole30.

I have also cooked more new recipes than ever before. The Whole30 has reignited my love of cooking and being in the kitchen – though I am excited to add more baking into the mix. I will create another post with links to all of the delicious recipes I made but a few of the favorites were coconut chicken curry, Thai basil beef, lemon chicken, sloppy joes, buffalo chicken drumsticks, and yummy little kielbasa bites. Instead of being scared to try new recipes, I am excited to add new meals into my repertoire. I can’t wait to cook for friends and family. This lesson from the Whole30 is one of the biggest benefits I am taking away from the program.

A harder lesson has been realizing that I am definitely a sugar addict. If I were to do another Whole30 in the future I would try to eat less fruit, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I will never eliminate these from my diet completely but I do think I ended up relying on them a bit too frequently. I am also going to add Lara bars into this category because I ate them pretty regularly and they definitely have a good amount of sugar, albeit of the natural variety. Limiting these foods probably would have helped my curb sugar cravings a bit more during the 30 days. Whole30 has changed my relationship with food but I am still extremely excited to wake up Saturday morning and eat a doughnut. This is definitely not the correct way to enter the reintroduction phase but I plan on returning to the Whole30 for a better part of the next work week and trying a more regimented introduction period after the weekend.

There were quite a few evenings during my Whole30 when I thought, “I will eat as many veggies as necessary, I do not miss cheese at all, but someone please give me a glass of wine!” Wine had become a pretty regular staple with dinner and I think I liked the ritual more than the taste. I have been drinking kombucha in its place and I think this habit will also stick. The times when I longed for wine most was during work events when a little liquid courage can go a long way to help when networking. It was boring to always have club soda especially when I there wasn’t even a lime wedge to add for some additional flavor. I survived though and the lesson here is that I had plenty of fun going out before I turned 21 and it is completely possible to do the same while sober and over the legal drinking age.

Someone asked my yesterday if I am happy that I did this. Yes, I am happy. Right now I can’t tell if I truly have more energy and I’ve adjusted to this new level or if I really feel more energetic than before. My response was, “Yes, I am happy but right now I really want a glass of wine and doughnut. Ask me in a week and I’ll probably think it was the greatest things I’ve ever done and I’ll be recommending it to everyone.”

We shall see!

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