Why I’m Not Shopping for Clothes This Winter

The Great Clothing Moratorium of Winter 2017.

Today marks the start of what I am calling “The Great Clothing Moratorium of Winter 2017.” No I am not giving up wearing clothes – it gets too cold here for that among other reasons – but I am giving up shopping for clothes.

While the start date has been determined, there is no set end date yet. I am tempted to declare that April 29, 2018 will be the last day because I have reward dollars to Banana Republic that expire on April 30. We shall see.

Black Friday, you got me good.

My final purchase pre-moratorium was on Black Friday. How appropriate. It was a cute pair of wedge boots. Really, they’re adorable. I was looking for a pair like these for some time and I made the mistake of “settling” and buying a pair that fit most of the criteria I was looking for earlier this Fall. Then when I saw this pair that I loved even more and they were on clearance I fell victim to consumerism and bought them. Did I need them? Absolutely not. Do I love them. Absolutely yes. At least I have gotten better about buying things because I really like them, not only because they are a good deal? Sort of? Kind of? Maybe?

Ok, I admit. I still often buy things because they are on sale and I also happen to like them. Rarely do I buy clothing purely out of a need, which is a very fortunate situation to be in. This morning I put on a blazer for work that I have had for a few weeks but have not worn because it does not go well with anything I already own other than jeans. Basically it will be reserved for business casual Fridays at work. It was a great price and decent quality but there’s a good chance it will not get very much wear. The one way to remedy this conundrum would be to acquire more clothing but I don’t want to spend money to do that or have to find closet space for more stuff. So what is one to do when faced with these two situations? Stop shopping for any and all clothes effective immediately.

Holiday shopping blew my budget in November so I decided one way to get things back on track financially would be to completely cut clothing purchases for the foreseeable future. This also means I won’t accumulate more things to launder, fold, and store which makes my wannabe minimalist heart happy. I have more than enough clothes in my closet to make it through the next few months, if not longer, without adding to the chaos. In the past when I cut out shopping it has provided the added bonus of forcing me to reevaluate what I already own. I am not a fashionista but I do like to maintain a sense of style that’s a mix of preppy, casual, and relaxed.

There was not set budget for clothing purchases but I basically only shop sales and try not to spend more than $40 for an item, $60 if I’m buying a pair of shoes. It is amazing what you can get when using Google to find coupons and waiting for items to hit clearance. Even if I am saving money on a purchase though, I am still spending. Now I might actually save funds.

Saving money, time, and effort.

I am also looking forward to taking a break from consumerism this holiday season. There seems to be a habit I fall into where each season I think, “Once I have X, Y, and Z my wardrobe will be complete and I’ll never need another thing. Now that I won’t be purchasing anything, I can’t make a list and keeping track of items I do not have would be pointless. My mind will be free to do more useful things with my time like bake holiday cookies, wrap presents for friends and family, and listen to the Christmas music Pandora station I enjoy all year-round.

Is anyone else taking a break from something during this holiday season or also imposing a clothes shopping moratorium?



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