Theme: Activated

In January I scheduled a phone call with a health coach. It was a preliminary call and it went well but I ultimately decided the service was not going to fit into my budget for the year and it wasn’t the best time to add something else to my plate. The purpose of the phone call was to identify goals I wanted to work on, obstacles that were getting in the way, and actionable steps to take toward achieving them. This blog was one of the main goals and an action item was deciding on a theme and sticking with it.

I have an idea of what I want the blog to look like in my mind and it is not there yet. It was not even close back in January. The problem this caused was any time I started writing a post to publish, I would be sidetracked trying to find the perfect theme and customizing it. My technical skills only go so far in WordPress so this was time consuming and typically did not lead me any closer to the finished product I was hoping for. It also led to ten draft posts still sitting and waiting for final edits and publishing.

Today I am one step closer to getting my blog visually where I would like it to be. I am happy with the theme I finally decided upon and have promised myself not to search for any others during the next three months. My focus will be on creating content and yes, customizing this theme to add a bit more of my personality to the page. Blogging has proved to be much harder than I anticipated. Part of me would like to believe this is because it is all about making it a habit and of course, practice makes progress. It is not easy to translate the thoughts in my head to coherent, readable posts in WordPress. Hopefully the more I sit down and write, even if the post is as simple as this one, the more improvement I will make.

The blog is close to one year old and while I am disappointed there are not more posts, I am not surprised since I have tried multiple times before this to keep up with a blog. I am actually shocked that there are this many posts since at times it felt like I neglected the blog for weeks. I am fairly certain not a soul is reading what I write anyways and for now that is just fine. Someday I will be telling my hundreds of thousands of readers, “Check out the early posts – those are embarrassing!”.


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