Try, Try Again

You know you have been neglecting your blog for too long when you visit the site and don’t recognize it. When did I pick this less than aesthetically pleasing theme? I think I was going to minimalist and ended up with drab. That will be remedied!

As mentioned before, I’ve set monthly goals for myself this year. It started with the Whole30 in January and February’s goal was completing barre teacher training. The training went into mid-March originally and then was extended another three weeks due to a scheduling mishap by the studio and my own travel plans before I could audition. That whole process is another blog post.

I ended up not really setting a different goal in March because barre teacher training was taking up a lot of my time after work and a huge majority of it on weekends. Perhaps I should have set a smaller, achievable goal but at the time I was laser focused on all things barre. Now we are almost halfway into April and I have yet to set a goal. Not a great way to start the second quarter of the year. My original March goal, drafted back in January, was to sell unwanted clothing on Poshmark. I don’t see any reason why this goal can’t be moved to April so there we have it folks, our April goal!

I have created a few different lists in the back of my planner. One of them is a list of items I can sell on Poshmark or eBay once I take photos and create listings. Another list is all of the items I have given away this year. I am a relatively active member of my local Buy Nothing Project and am happy to report that I have given and received from the group. When things do not go quickly on BNP, I take them to my local Goodwill. I am still working on letting go of physical items that I know in my mind are not serving me or adding value but for some reason I still feel attached to them. I cannot think of an item I have gotten rid of that I miss so I try to remember that when I am struggling with not taking things out of the pile for Goodwill.

In my mind, I see this blog as a beautiful corner of the internet yet I cannot seem to get it to a place where I am happy with how it looks. I know breaking down the things I would like to accomplish into smaller tasks is the best way to approach this but I can’t figure out what is getting in my way of doing that and seeing it through. All I can do is try, try again.


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